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Quality leather goods, handmade in Minnesota



Minnesota Leather Worker, Nicole Aufderhar, Wayfaring Goods

The Artist

Wayfaring Goods in a one-woman business ran by me, Nicole Aufderhar. When you buy from Wayfaring Goods, you are supporting an individual with a passion for bringing heirloom quality leather journals and leather goods to your home and your loved ones. I have over 10 years of professional book binding and leather working experience and my work is created using traditional, slow craft methods. This means that everything you see has been created by my own two hands without the use of machines. Every page that's folded. Every leather piece that's cut. Every stitch that binds. Doing everything by hand may take much longer but it also produces a far superior product and a deeper connection. You'll be able to see the love and care that has gone into creating your brand new leather journal or leather good from the moment you first open the package and hold it in your hands.

Wayfaring Goods is a home to leather journals, leather bags and other leather goods that are meant to last a lifetime and be handed down throughout generations. I use only the highest quality full grain leather in my work. The more you use your Wayfaring Goods product, the more beautiful it will get; that is the great thing about quality leather.

When you choose to support a small handmade business, you are giving an immeasurable gift not only to yourself or loved one but also to the owner of that business. It is my hope that when you buy from Wayfaring Goods, you'll feel the power of your purchase. You are supporting an individual, a local economy and saying that you understand the importance of these small businesses and their handmade creations. Thank you, we truly cannot do it without you.