A simple and elegant leather clutch. This envelope style clutch is lightweight and makes the perfect companion for all occasions from work to running errands to a weekend wedding.



- Measures 10.5" x 5.5", giving plenty of room to hold a phone, wallet, keys and a few favorite cosmetics.

- Handstitched using waxed linen thread

- Snap made from brass

- Wholesale Cost: $30/unit

- Suggested Retail Price: $60/unit


Your order may include a variety of leathers. The leathers shown are only an example and may or may not be a part of your order.All of the leather that I use is extremely high quality and beautiful. They are hides that I have purchased from larger companies who have no use for the hide because there may be a hole or brand on it or the color isnt what they wanted. This is the reason I use these hides; I like to take something that may have been discarded and turn it into something beautiful and useful.


I am very passionate about slow craft which means that everything you see here has been cut, stitched and finished by my own two hands. No machines used here! 


*Please read through my wholesale policies before placing an order. Contact me at wayfarephoto@gmail.com if you have any questions.*


Leather Clutch