Travel Wallet / Leather Journal Cover / Refillable Field Notes Holder

The cover is made from beautiful, reddish brown, oil tanned leather. The case comes with a field notes notebook but can fit any 3"x5" pocket journal or planner. The case measures 4.5" x 6.5" when folded shut.
The interior has four pockets:
- One measuring 3.5"x6" and is intended for the back cover of the journal or planner you use
- One measuring 4"x6"; perfect for receipts, extra note of photos
- Two pockets measuring 3" x 3.5"; these are perfect for holding business cards, credit cards or even a little bit of cash.
The cover also incorporates a pen holder making this a truly all in one travel wallet!

I am very passionate about slow craft which means that everything you see in my shop has been cut, stitched and finished by my own two hands. No machines are used. The leather is hand picked by me from companies that have deemed the hide imperfect due to a brand or the color not being to their liking; this is the very reason that I love using these hides. I want to breathe new life into something would have otherwise been discarded.

Travel Wallet / Refillable Leather Journal / Field Notes Case

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